The School of Technical Education N ° 24 "Simón de Iriondo" has 1,200 students, both in the Basic Cycle and in the Superior Cycles and in both shifts.

The students of "La Simón", as they like to call their School, are young people with a broad sense of camaraderie, curious, creative, with a desire to investigate and innovate, to build their knowledge together with their peers and teachers. In this sense, the students have a long history of participation in the Argentine Olympics, as well as in the formation of groups that stand out for their artistic qualities.

These artistic activities enrich and make a great cognitive contribution to the development of students' abilities and skills, such as entrepreneurship, cultural diversity, innovation, creativity and curiosity, as well as providing self-confidence, respect and tolerance.

An important paragraph within the history of the students of the institution is their participation in social work, where it can be mentioned, help with children's dining room, design and manufacture of toys and delivery in health institutions, gift of dolls and materials of office to homes, etc.

These activities are encouraged and accompanied by the institution as a whole, since training in the social aspect is considered of fundamental importance, as part of the distinctive characteristics that the graduate of the School carries in itself.

Each year is a new page in the book of incredible stories that these young people are writing not only in the history of the institution, but also in the hearts of the members of this great family that is "La Simón". Every end of the year, we are left with a mixture of feelings, happiness, sadness and hope, when we see that each student leaves for the last time through the door of the School.

We only have words of thanks, to all the students who have shared a large part of their adolescence with us. For this reason, and as a humble gesture, we want that in this space, they can express themselves and participate in the institutional website, which is the patrimony of the entire community of E.E.T. No. 24. Here we invite you to enjoy some of the beautiful and creative promos presentations, which every year we have the joy of sharing with all of them.

PROMOS presentation

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