Pedagogical Advice

The Pedagogical Advisory constitutes the area of the school responsible for the advice and guidance on academic-pedagogical issues related to teaching, evaluation, special projects, training and extension sessions and curricular issues.

The Pedagogical Advisory area of the EET 24 combines two dimensions of joint work:

1) Pedagogical:

Pedagogical Advisor: Cáceres Patricia Lilián (Professor of Educational Sciences).

  • Accompaniment, guidance and pedagogical advice to Technical Modality and Professional Training teachers.
  • Monitoring and updating of the Institutional Project.
  • Organization and Coordination of Institutional Conferences.
  • Organization and coordination of departmental meetings.
  • Organization and coordination of parent meetings.
  • Joint work with the regency area, teaching assistants and administrative and library staff.
  • Preparation, monitoring and coordination of projects.
  • Follow-up of students who show attention to behavioral, emotional, and academic factors.
  • Coordination and intervention in meetings with teachers, students and parents for various topics.
  • Class observations.
  • Organization, coordination and monitoring of extension activities jointly with the regency.
  • Advice on the study plan and programs.
  • Prepare and monitor the Compensation Plans.
  • 2) Psychopedagogical:

    Psychopedagogue: Rosana Fleita

  • Supports educational action, helping students develop their talents and abilities more fully.
  • Select and structure intervention strategies in the attention of students with learning difficulties.
  • Organizes, coordinates and executes the Vocational Guidance Plan in the Higher Cycle.
  • Personalized service to students who show learning difficulties, relationships, emotional issues or any other factor that influences the academic aspect.
  • Make the corresponding referrals according to the problem detected.