Library "Aledo Luis Meloni"

The "Aledo Luis Meloni" School Library accompanies the EET N ° 24 "Simón de Iriondo" establishment since its inception, initially in a narrow space and when the school opens its new building, where it is currently also moving with it to this Unit of Information. Since 1999, it bears the name of an illustrious Chaco poet, "ALEDO LUIS MELONI" so the students, teachers and administrators decided by vote..


  • It has in its functional plant a head director and six librarians, they serve a total of 1,444 students, plus 305 teachers in two shifts (morning, afternoon and evening).
  • The library has approximately 22,054 books, as well as periodicals, maps, elements of geometry, videos, CDs, DVDs, slides, brochures, and PDF materials. All this fund destined to specifically attend to the Technical Secondary Modality: "Basic Cycle", "Higher Cycle IPP (Computer Science)" and "Higher Cycle GAO (Administration)". It also has bibliographic material for the Vocational Training Mode.
  • Monthly 40334 materials are loaned, of all types; for classroom, living room and home.
  • Projects with a specific objective are presented annually, which is the internal organization of this institution. Ex: With destination to organize the Map Library, Laminoteca, Video Library, Dvdteca, etc.


  • Loans to living room, classroom, home and inter-institutional of any of its funds (books, pictures, magazines, DVDs, brochures, maps, board games (chess and checkers), maps, desks, calculators, elements of geometry, periodic tables, projectors, etc. of all bibliographic and non-bibliographic material, also digital material.
  • Information and guidance: in the search for information.
  • Acquisition management: of bibliographic and non-bibliographic materials according to the budget and proposals of teachers and students.
  • Reproduction of Documents: in multiple supports, respecting the existing legislation on copyright.
  • Filming, photography, editing and subsequent dissemination of activities organized by the Library and EET N ° 24.
  • Room reservation for: videos, talks and work in groups by modules and shifts.
  • User training: individually, by groups in the classroom or permanently through activities.
  • Solidarity Library: A. Loans of bibliographic material to other institutions. Interlibrary and inter-institutional loans. Donation of bibliography to other libraries. Inter-institutional solidarity projects.
  • Library and cultural extension: exhibitions, informative talks, workshops, guided visits, visits by writers and oral narrators, meetings, contests, literary contests, cartoon and drawing contests, chess tournaments, etc.
  • Green library incorporating environmental ethics into all its activities.
  • Directors:

  • Principal Director: Filippini, Gladis M. Ines
  • Alternate Director: Ortiz, Liliana Mónica
  • Librarians:

  • Shift tomorrow: Paredes, Mirta R. - Fernández, Juana - Rojas, Rosa
  • Afternoon shift: Osuna, Olga B. - Benítez, Marcela L.
  • Sunset shift:Gramajo, Hernan L.
  • Contact:

  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday de 7.30 a 20.00 hours.
  • E-mail:
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