Educative community

The purpose of every Extension Project is to respond to the demands and social requirements of the local / extra-local environment, starting from the planning of activities that are organized in a participatory process of the members of the Educational Community.

This process leads to the continuation of service actions from the educational institution to the community, which in turn enables the enrichment of the students' own teaching-learning process and of the teaching task. From this approach, the Extension Project can then be defined as the set of specific actions and activities related and coordinated among themselves, which, using various types of available resources - human, technical, material, and economic - is proposed by a center educational from their own disciplinary field, in order to satisfy a need or solve a manifest problem in the social environment.

The Educational Community of the establishment encourages the participation and integration of students in the Chaco society environment, providing not only technical knowledge, which they develop within the institution, but also the social sensitivity that the graduate is intended to incorporate as part of the training process.

There are many activities carried out by students with society, in different areas, but mention could be made of the activity carried out in the Chaco Legislature's Session Campus, where students in the fourth year of the Higher Cycle of the School learned about the role councilors, their functions and ways of working.

It is also noteworthy that investigating the relevance of motorcycles as a means of mobility in the province, a group of students devised a Comprehensive Safety System for Motorcycles that was exposed in Robotec, and that contributes to reinforcing safety conditions for drivers.

It was also presented to authorities of the Executive of the Province and other organizations, as a contribution for the common good of all the citizens of this province and of any other interested party, in other latitudes of the country.

Another work, worthy of note, was the convening of a food drive, and subsequent development of an activity throughout the day, in a community dining room, where they participated in preparing lunch for the children who attended said dining room.

It was an incredible activity that was born from an initiative of the students themselves, where they also put together singing and dancing scenes to entertain the children present.

These are some of the many actions that our students carry out with great passion, and which fill us with pride. Education is a process of collective construction, and participating directly with society contributes to forming a virtuous circle, where the whole is benefited.