Study with us

Because we are a prestigious School that is committed to continuous improvement

Because we do not expect changes to knock on the door of the establishment, we are looking for actions that promote change and transformation of the institution as a whole. Understanding the dynamics of society, and the ever-changing context, we adapt the institutional strategy to respond to the demands that each year are placed on the skills and knowledge of the technical school graduate.

Because we provide solid and well-structured teaching, and we encourage creative and innovative capacity.

We work on the innovation and creativity initiatives of students and teachers; supporting personal growth, imagination and the generation of new ideas. Because we are supporters of freedom of expression and integration of teachers and students in pursuit of a collective construction of education.

Because we are going to help you choose

We are concerned that graduates obtain the best training, according to the chosen specialty. Specifically a technical training to perform in the workplace. But we also understand the need to continue studying and training to contribute to the labor market with specialized labor and also to help the desire for improvement that is born within each young graduate. Therefore, we help you throughout the year, in the process of forming a firm idea, to continue with your studies, bringing you university offers and interacting with them to facilitate insertion in them.

Because we have incorporated technology in all areas of the Institution

Incorporated within the basic services and building infrastructure, as a security element, connectivity services, essential tools in the four computer rooms that the establishment has. The final objective is to achieve, with each promotion, a training of excellence for the graduates.

Because we have a great team of teachers

They remain in a continuous training process and are always attentive to the needs of the students. We also have professionals specialized in different subjects related to the Higher Cycle, in accounting, legal and computer technical areas.

Because we are pioneers in the province, in the secondary school transformation process

We began in 2019 a process of comprehensive transformation of teaching strategies, being applied, in principle, in the Higher Cycle of Professional and Personal Computer Science, and then planned, as of 2020, to incorporate them into the Higher Cycle Management and Administration of the organizations. After the Basic Cycle and thus complete the six-year duration according to the School's Study Plan.

Because we are much more than a school

Because we want to be the best of schools, for quality, commitment, responsibility, innovation, and any action or proposal that works on the continuous improvement of everything that has been achieved with great effort.

Because you are the most important thing for us.