Vocational training

Vocational Training is the set of actions whose purpose is socio-labor training for and at work, aimed at both the acquisition and improvement of qualifications and the requalification of workers. Vocational Training makes it possible to reconcile social, professional and personal promotion with the productivity of the national, regional and local economy. It also includes specialization and updating of knowledge and skills, both in the different career paths of ETP and in the higher levels of formal education.

Likewise, it admits forms of entry and development differentiated from the educational requirements of the levels and cycles of formal education..

The scope of Vocational Training is organized within it according to the type of training purpose, and the way of access, in: Job training; Initial vocational training organized in turn into three levels of certification; and in Continuing Professional Training.

Its specific objectives are: to prepare, update and develop people's capacities for work, whatever their initial educational situation, through processes that ensure the acquisition of scientific-technological knowledge and the mastery of basic, professional and social competences. required by one or several occupations defined in a broad occupational field, with insertion in the economic-productive field.

The Professional Training offers contemplate the articulation with literacy or termination programs of the levels and cycles included in compulsory and post-compulsory schooling.

Educational institutions and Professional Training courses certified by the Federal Register of Professional Technical Education Institutions and the National Catalog of Titles and Certifications may be recognized in formal education.



  • Administration and Commercial Management
  • Tango Evolution 3 System (Computer Tools / Accounting Management Software)
  • Cook Assistant (Kitchen and Pastry Assistant)
  • Manual Embroidery (Embroidery)
  • Classic shirt (Shirt)
  • Catering for events (Kitchen for Catering / Lunch Organization)
  • Easy Cooking (Cooking)
  • Kitchen and Pastry
  • Dressmaking
  • Jeans Confections (Casual and Sports Clothing Manufacturer)
  • Corsetry and Rhinestones (Patternmaker and Cutter of Lingerie and Corsetry)
  • Clothing-Confectioner in the textile industry (Cloth Crafts)
  • Payment of Salaries - Holistor System (Payment of Salaries and Wages / Pension Management / Auxiliary)
  • Patternmaker Patternmaker (Patternmaker - Patternmaker)
  • Tailor's Trousers (Tailor's Dressmaker)
  • Basic Pastry and Craft Decoration (Pastry Officer)
  • Baker
  • Principles of Management of a Productive Project in Clothing (Administration and Management of Microenterprises and SMEs)
  • Productive Project in Clothing
  • Sack, tailor and transformations (Dressmaker of Tailor's Garments)
  • Loom (Weaving in Loom)
  • Social Network of the Practical Courses of the E.E.T. N ° 24 "Simón de Iriondo"