The current E.E.T. Nº 24 “Simón de Iriondo” was created by Decree Nº 11,056 of April 16, 1948 as a Professional School for Women.

It began its activities on July 3 of the same year at the premises of the Popular University under the direction of Mrs. Helga Winter from Goicochea who was succeeded in the same role by Mrs. Aida Fernández de Sargenti, Prof. María Mirta Muchutti from Sánchez, Ing. María Graciela Bordenave de Roibon, and currently Prof. Mirta Medina.

Dedicated to educating and training female youth, this Professional School trained in its workshops skilled hands in the multiple tasks that every woman longed to accomplish at home and why not, in teaching.

That group of women teachers, who many years ago created the School, in an act of love, led by the vocation of service; It would later have the fruit of its efforts, because with the passing of time, the School grows and adapts to the demands of the environment.

Thus, society's requirements made possible, some time later, new specialties that replaced or complemented the originals: Machine Embroidery, Cutting and Sewing, Commercial Practice, Practical Course in Stenography and Typing, Cooking and Pastry, Basic Technical Cycle (1966 ), Female Crafts (1968).

In 1951 he moved to the premises he had occupied for 46 years, in Miter and Rivadavia, rented to individuals. Due to the increase in the number of students and the inadequate building, it was necessary to enable new courses that have operated at the Popular University since 1981..

The name of "Simón de Iriondo" was assigned in 1955. The Professional School for Women ceased to be called as such in 1964, being called from there, the National School of Technical Education for Women "Simón de Iriondo".

In 1973, the National Council of Technical Schools (CONET) imposed an innovation by allowing access for both sexes, thus expanding its field of action and the benefits it provides to the community. The shifts were three: morning, afternoon and evening and it was called the National School of Technical Education No. 2 "Simón de Iriondo".

Towards the end of the '70s, the courses were created:

  • Feminine professions, lasting three years, plus one year of specialization, whose graduates were Technical Assistants in Clothing Making
  • Commercial Practice, with a duration of three years for the day and four for the evening, students could continue the Superior Cycle of Business Administration of three years that enabled them to perform skillfully in commerce, banking and companies in General , graduating with the title of Technicians in Business Administration.
  • Dressmaking, a two-year practical course, held in the evening shift; as well as the Cooking and Pastry Course, lasting two years.
  • Also, in those years, the Superior Cycle of Chemistry (1975), Superior Cycle of Business Administration (1977) and the Technical Course of Clothing Making were created..

    In 1993, when the national educational services were transformed into provincial ones, it was renamed School of Technical Education No. 24 “Simón de Iriondo”.

    In 1995, the Superior Cycle in Computing was incorporated, lasting three years, with the title of Computer Technician and covering a growing demand for personnel trained in new information and communication technologies.

    On July 3, 1997, exactly the day the school turned 49, we saw our great dream come true: we inaugurated the new school, our own house. The old one, with many flaws but full of history, was left behind, and contrasts, with its old presence, in front of the brand new and modern building.

    However, the exposed bricks of the new house have the same shine as the old ones that were showing; on many of the walls of the old Miter Street.

    In 2003, with the application in our institution of the Federal Law of Education, the transformation began and the study plans were modified. In that year the 8th began to operate first, the following year the 9th. And in 2004 the Higher Cycle in Professional and Personal Informatics and the Higher Cycle in Organizational Management of three years duration each began.

    As part of this process, in 2007, two seventh grades were opened that operate in the afternoon shift. Thus, in 2007, the last promotion of Business Administration Technicians and Computer Technicians completed their studies and in 2008 they would do the same, the first of the new plan.

    Currently, the traditional practical courses in Cooking and Confectionery and Dressmaking are maintained, also offering professional training courses in Hand and Machine Knitting, Shirt and Trouser Shop, Basic and Advanced Molding, Decorative Painting, German Language, Accounting Informatics and in the area gastronomy: Classic and Special Pastries and Attention to the Recipient.

    With the participation of various Tax Credit projects and currently with the INET Improvement Plan, important computer equipment has been incorporated in both hardware and software, modern industrial machines for the clothing area and complete state-of-the-art equipment for the area of gastronomy; It should also be noted the significant bibliographic increase contributed to the Aledo Luís Meloni School Library that serves the students of this school.