In 2008 came the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the German government to start the project PASCH - Partner Schools for the Future, which aimed to encourage the dictation of German as a foreign language in different schools around the world. EET No. 24 “Simón de Iriondo” is applying to participate in this initiative and was the second school selected in Argentina. In the country, there are 11 schools participating in this project.

That same year the first agreement was signed, signed by the Goethe Institut, EET Nº 24 "Simón de Iriondo" and the Minister of Education.

The agreement provides scholarships for teachers and students, internationally valid German exams, the possibility of carrying out university studies in Germany, exchanges, German assistants, accompaniment to German teachers at EET N ° 24, the incorporation of teaching hours of the German language in the Oriented Cycle of the trainings offered by EET N ° 24, the maintenance of a German classroom with didactic materials and technology for the development of the classes, the participation every two years of students in the International Meeting of Simulated Companies in Germany and attending classes for 20 days at a secondary school in Germany.

PASCH-Partner Schools for the Future is an initiative that aims to unite schools from different countries by means of the German language, through joint projects. Chaco participates in the presentation of a project called "Simulated Companies" in Germany, being students of the E.E.T. N ° 24 Simón de Iriondo the only representatives of Argentina.

In this framework, the professor of the German subject with the delegation simulate a company of regional products and expose themselves about them. In addition to fauna and flora brochures, they also do it with indigenous crafts.

Hi there! I am Marian Roja, a graduate of the E.E.T. Nº 24 “Simón de Iriondo” (2019). She is currently part of the group of delegates of the PASCH Alumnis Cono Sur network, representing the school, its former students and Chaco in this great network.

What is PASCH and what is an “Alumni”?

PASCH: "The partner schools of the future" is an initiative coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which in conjunction with other institutions such as the DAAD and the Goethe Institut aims to broaden the horizons of students who want to remain in contact with the language and the German culture. For this, an international network was formed with schools that teach German all over the world and EET 24 is one of them!.

Now, who are the Alumnis? We are alumni of PASCH schools (institutions where German is taught), who remain in contact with the German language and culture through various activities, such as:

  • Courses (some free, others can be attended by participating for a scholarship).
  • Talks of various kinds but related to German or Germany.
  • Contests (with prizes for the winners).
  • Workshops.
  • Camps
  • Olympics.
  • Scholarships.
  • Travels.
  • And many other things. With this we seek not only to continue studying German, but also, for example, to broaden our panoramas by creating new contacts and even planning our life in Germany by attending various guided talks on the subject with specialists.

    ¡The only requirement to be part of the Alumnis is to be willing!

    ¡There are so many opportunities!

    I invite EET 24 students and graduates who have studied German to join this beautiful network, which they can do by sending a simple message to:

    Instagram: @paschconosur o @paschalumniconosur

    E mail:

    Web page: