School Contest 2020


“Song to the E.E.T. N ° 24 ´Simón de Iriondo´"

With the composition of a “Song dedicated to the E.E.T. N ° 24 ”is intended to find a music and melody that represents the institutional identity, an icon that expresses its history, culture, trajectory in the educational system of the province of Chaco.

The "School Own Song" contest is an event that calls for the participation of regular students and graduates, teaching and non-teaching staff, directors, librarians, that is, those who belong to the institution and / or have been linked in any way with the itself.

The works presented must reflect the historical-cultural and socioeconomic legacy of the School of Technical Education No. 24.

You can know the rules of the contest "Song to the E.E.T. N ° 24" in the following document:

see: Contest rules