International Fair of Simulated Companies


The School of Technical Education N ° 24 "Simón de Iriondo", through professionalizing practices, since 2005 has been actively participating in an International Network of Simulated Companies, through which not only commercial interaction is encouraged but also other dimensions of teaching - such as cultural, social, environmental. Work carried out in the search to find common solutions to certain problems, such as those generated by the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Faced with the health dilemma, bilateral or multilateral relations appear as a viable and important alternative, thought from the various positive actions that educational institutions in the region could take.

Let us remember that the compulsory social isolation affected not only real global markets, since they lost their ability to generate dynamism in the economies of the region, but also induced the school to move to the homes of the students, through the virtuality, developing a new pattern of social participation or channel of dialogue (school-family-society), and in the case of TSE N ° 24 made it possible to overcome some communication obstacles with other countries, promoting the approach to educational issues, environmental and climatic questions, perspectives on production and technological development, etc.

Precisely, this is the right moment to generate non-traditional school experiences, such as the realization of collaborative virtual works -national, regional and international-, based on the principles of complementarity and solidarity, with which greater opportunities for training and interaction will be offered to students and teachers.

When students simulate implementing circuits of production, services and commerce, they internalize knowledge, develop capacities, socialize experiences, form new knowledge and, implicitly, generate new dynamics in local and regional development.

Based on this line of thought, the E.E.T. N ° 24 had been operating mainly with European countries (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, among others) and with Latin countries (Brazil). Some sporadic antecedents have been with Asia.

In 2019, ENIGMA S.R.L. and SOS S.R.L. They have been able to put into practice a solid commercial strategy focused on the American continent, which allowed establishing close relations with Chile, Costa Rica and Brazil.

We are currently organizing the next meeting so that our companies can consolidate commercial relations with the SEBRAE Management Training School, Brazil.

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