School Olympics

There are many competitions that are developed in the secondary school environment, with the participation of students of all years, which promote participation, competition, and above all, provide the space to develop the desire to improve the participants.

Mathematics, geography, physics, chemistry, history, computing, robotics and even sports are the knowledge and skills that are put to the test in these competitions, which transcend the scope of the province and multiply nationwide.

These contests seek to give students a space to recognize their abilities and skills, individually and as a team, just as it would be a competition in a soccer or other sport tournament.

These are competitions that are developed at the national level and provide the possibility for boys - most of them at the intermediate level - to prove themselves, expand their knowledge in their areas of interest and live new experiences together with their peers.

Generally the proposals arrive at the School and the teachers are in charge of enthusing and accompanying the students in this process, which also has the unconditional support of the establishment authorities. In this sense, the School has a long history of competing in provincial and national competitions, and it does not take it as an exceptional activity, but rather it is part of its "normal" activities, within its annual planning.

Although it is a competition, its main objective is not to overcome its rivals, because the objective is for the student to get to know himself, discover his own abilities and advance in the different years according to his needs. It also allows you to build friendly relationships through learning and have an exchange with young people from other institutions and other latitudes..

Competitions with the presence of the Institution:

  • Argentinian Informatics Olympics
  • Mathematics Olympics Argentina
  • Roboliga